Kami Sakira
Kami Sakira

Student Info Edit

ROLE Drama Club Substitute President


CLUB Drama

AGE 18

PERSONA Socialite


STRENGTH Fights Back - Strong

Appearance Edit

Kami has long, wavy purple hair with dark red hairclips. She has light purple eyes that seem to glow. She also wears the drama club accessory. If her task is not completed, she has only one hairclip.

Information Edit

Kami is the substitute Drama Club President, also the Vice President. When she is the president, someone else is the vice president. The name Kami Sakira was taken from "Murasakiiro no kami", which means "purple hair" in English. She is the opposite of Kizana Sunobu (Canon character) who has flower hair clips and pigtails. Kizana is snobby (Snob Snob) while Kami is bubbly and kind.

Routine Edit

7:00 - Puts on indoor shoes

7:05 - Chats on the rooftop

8:00 - Organizes the masks in the Drama Club

8:30 - Goes to class

1:00 - Eats lunch in the Drama Club with the other members

1:30 - Goes to class

3:30 - Goes to the Drama Club to chat with the other members

5:00 - Practices acting with the other members

6:00 - Goes home

Task Edit

Kami is looking for her other red hairclip.

It is located behind a box in the Drama Club.

Quotes Edit

"I've been looking for my second red hairclip, but I can't find it anywhere - Without it my hairstyle is incomplete.. - Could you please find it for me?" When asking to do task

"You will? Thanks! I hope you find it." When accepting the task

"Oh, okay. I guess I'll have to ask someone else..." When denying the task

"You found it? Thanks so much! I owe you one!" When completing the task