Kireina Hoshi
Kireina Hoshi Picture

Student Info Edit

ROLE Student Council President


CLUB Student Council

AGE 18



STRENGTH Extensive Self-Defense


Kireina Hoshi is the Student Council President and an all-out Mary Sue. (In this dimension, Megami Saikou never existed!) She has golden blonde hair that flows down. She also has teal, shiny blue eyes and dark eyeliner. She wears a pink flower on her head and isn't seen with the student council choker most of the time. If her task is completed, she will wear it.

Routine Edit

7:00 - Puts on indoor shoes

7:05 - Converses with her friends

7:30 - Has a phone call in the student council room

8:00 - Makes sure the student council room is tidy

8:25 - Goes to class

1:15 - Sits on the rooftop and plays on her phone

1:30 - Goes to class

3:30 - Goes to the student council room

4:00 - Has a student council meeting

5:30 - Leaves the school

She will be alone at some points in time, the perfect time for... something... to happen.

Task Edit

Kireina's task will only be available to do during lunch time or when she is talking with friends.

Kireina is looking for her student council choker, but can't find it.

The choker is located behind some crates on the roof.

Quotes Edit

"Well, I've been looking for my choker. Y'know, the one the Student Council members wear. Anyways, I haven't seen it in a while, and it's very dear to me. Could you please find it for me?" - When asking to do a task

"You will? Thank you. You are very kind!" - When accepting the task

"You won't? Oh. Okay. Thanks anyway... ugh, where was it? I swear it was over there..." - When refusing the task

"You found it? Thank you. I owe you one." - When completing the task

"Hello? Yes? Why would I? I can get you arrested, you know. What? You do know I have extensive self defense training... right? No, I don't do karate! My God, just leave me the hell alone!" - Phone call