Information Edit

Remember, these are fan-made personas. These aren't from the game. For example, you can put down "tsundere", but you can't put down Teacher's Pet. Got it? Also, you can make it so someone needs to ask for permission before they use your persona.

Suicidal Edit

A student with the suicidal persona is, well, suicidal. They'll sit alone at lunch and sit far from other students during class. They always make sure to keep their sleeves down, for well, triggering reasons. If you perform a task for them, they will feel safe around you, but insecure around others. If a suicidal person witnesses murder, they will forget about their worries for a little bit and show their strength. You'll then enter a struggle minigame with them. If they win, they will knock you out, similar to a delinquent, but without a weapon, and you won't enter a coma. Basically, you'd just pass out temporarily and lose a good 3 hours of your time. If you win, you will choke them and leave them passed out on the floor. They will eventually regret what they did and commit suicide.

Ask for Sassified's permission before using this...

Writer Edit

A writer will wink at the murderer and act like someone with an evil personality. They will not damage your reputation, but they will secretly write down what happened with amazing detail and send it to the teachers and the police.

Ask for Sassified's permission before using this...

Childish Edit

Childish people act like toddlers and are immature/sensitive. When they witness murder, they will cry and run home to tell their guardian. If seeing weapons/blood/insanity, they will whine and complain about how the person is acting "immature".

Ask for Sassified's permission before using this...

Snob Edit

Snobs are, well- snobby. If they witness murder, they'll laugh delightfully but not maniacally if it's someone they despised. If it was a friend/family member, they will snap out of being snobby and apprehend the murderer. If aiming a camera at them, they'll cross their arms and roll their eyes.

Ask for Sassified's permission before using this...

Socialite Edit

Socialites are similar to Social Butterflies (canon persona) but they gossip more often and have easy tasks. Therefore, they are easier to befriend. If they witness murder, they will scream. If the murderer has not been arrested/caught, they will gossip about you daily, dealing -15 reputation points daily. When aiming a camera at them, they'll pose similar to a Social Butterfly but they'll wink.

Ask for Sassified's permission before using this...

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